Wondering How We Buy Houses In Houston?

How do I sell my house in Houston to a cash buyer and what can I expect from this transaction? This is the most popular question we get. The quick answer is this. You can expect a fast closing. You can expect a fair offer based on the repairs and the market value of your house. Lastly, you can expect a commission-free, agent-free, hassle-free, closing where you don’t have to pay closing costs.  If this got you interested please skim through the following content as this is the most important page for you to sell your house fast in Houston and the surrounding area.

Selling Your Houston House To Us For Cash Is Straightforward.

  • Tell us about your property – Quick, Easy & Free!
  • If it meets our buying criteria, we’ll contact you.
  • We’ll present you w/ a fair written, no-obligation offer
  • We close at a local reputable title company, cash in your hands in as little as 14 days
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Mini FAQs

1. How can I sell my house in Houston quickly?

Selling a house to a cash buyer is indeed the fastest way to sell your house. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the most for it, but this on the other hand also doesn’t mean you will get less for it. Consider this… If you were to list your house with an agent, you will have a lot more expenses. Agent fees, selling cost, holding cost (as the property will sit on the market for a while, especially if the property is not in top shape, and if it is not in immaculate shape you can expect a much lower than market price for it, and a much longer period the house will sit on the market), maintenance cost, etc.  The end result often is a potentially larger selling price but with less money in your pocket. This is why more and more people choose to sell their house to us, as they can potentially get a lot more money for the house in less time with far less hassle.


If you are in a hurry, the best thing you can do is fill in the form above. We will spring to action and we will connect with you often within the hour, and get the offer going. We promise we will not be mad if you request an offer but then decide you don’t want to proceed with it. You truly have nothing to lose and a solid offer to gain absolutely for free, no expense to you.

2. How long does it take to close on a house when paying cash?

Really fast! Is that even a real answer? Probably not, so let me elaborate on this a bit. Doing cash purchases definitely has some benefits! To close the buyer needs funds (yes money), and a clean title. Once these conditions are met all that is needed to close is scheduling a closing date when the buyer and seller will sign the closing documents. A reputable cash buyer will access to funds on standby and ready. Sometimes cash buyers require a loan to buy houses in cash so this may cause a bit of a delay to get it all set up, however that delay could be as little as a few days. Then buyers are at the mercy of title companies to perform the title search in a hurry. If the title comes back clean, a closing date can be scheduled. If the title has issues, usually it takes about 7 to 14 days to address these issues depending on what these issues are.

3. What does a cash offer on a house mean?

Usually termed, an “all-cash” offer, simply means that the buyer does not require financing from the seller and that the offer is not dependent on any financing contingencies from any other source. This term obviously is misused as often “cash buyers” do require financial assistance from other sources. However, those sources are usually hard and private money, not banks. Sources like hard and private money often work on the same advantages of buying properties with personal funds as such finances are readily available and often the seller doesn’t even notice any delays.

We Buy Houses In Any Condition, No Matter The Situation

Best Houston House Buyers buys houses in and around Houston Tx. Through our network of financial partners we are able to help several homeowners sell their house fast. Because we pay cash, we’re able to close quickly… or on your schedule. Like we’ve mentioned, when you work with us there are no fees… like there are when you list your house with an agent. What this means to you is you don’t have to worry about extra costs, having to come out of pocket to sell your house fast, or even getting your house ready for a sale (we’ll buy your house as-is).

Don’t worry about repairing or cleaning up your property. We’ll buy your house in as-is condition… no matter how ugly or pretty it is…

When We Buy Houses, We Pay Cash, See How Much You Can Get For Yours…